What I Offer

Currently, these are the skills I feel I have to share with those who desire help to help themselves. Depending on which of these "hats" I put on, my approach towards you will be different, which is why I ask your desired preference. Details of each are found below. (I hesitate to call these "services" since the word usually implies a fee, and I do not require payment.)

Health Coach

Overweight? Skin problems? Disease? Cancer? Pain? Tired all the time? Just want to be fit and/or increase life expectancy? Regardless of the symptom or issue, the cause and the cure are pretty much the same. The body is actually quite simple... we've just forgotten how to listen to it. I've spent the last 10+ years learning to listen, and how to transition this to common sense solutions. The body, like everything else in the universe that we know of, follows the basic rule of cause and effect. Everything we do, or don't do, to the body creates an effect, whether bad or good. I offer to show you how this works. Unless you are dead, there is always the hope to cure your body, to feel better, and to be happier. Yes, happier. Believe it or not, emotional (in)stability is tied to one's physical health. Everything in the body is linked. Even if you don't care much to be healthier or more fit... who doesn't want to be happier and more in control of their emotions?

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Life Coach

Unsure of what to do in your pursuit of happiness? Need some occasional advice or direction? Maybe you just have trouble getting motivated, and could use a push every now and then? For a more in-your-face, energetic approach, try a life coach!

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Need someone to listen to personal thoughts, feelings, worries, etc., try and help you make sense of it all, and offer advice on what to do about it? If you don't mind sharing what's in your heart and on your mind, perhaps this is for you. Don't worry, it will be confidential.

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If there are two or more of you who are having some kind of disagreement and would like a neutral third party to offer their objective opinion, I am happy to try and help. I will do my best to explain the pros and cons of each individual's side to the other. And/or, if preferred, I can try to settle a decision, though whether I could or would be willing to would vastly depend on the situation. Of course, anything I say will be based on my personal experience, knowledge and wisdom, and any decision I make would not be legally binding.

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Relationship Therapist

Similar to what I offer as a mediator/arbitrator, but this is for if you desire more of a long-term effort in mending and/or improving a relationship (including lovers, family, friends, etc.). It is very unlikely I will say one person is "right" so please don't expect that. Instead, expect both (or all) of you to be advised to do a lot of work, both as individuals and as a group. I strongly believe each individual always has their own responsibility to work on themselves, thus they have double the responsibility with a relationship. Of course, the greater the responsibility, the more rewarding it can be!

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Someone to Talk to

Humans are social creatures. Even an introvert like me realizes that everyone needs someone to talk to sometimes... someone to encourage them, to listen to them. Maybe you don't have that someone, or could use another. Or maybe you just don't feel comfortable sharing with someone you know. So long as you have good intentions (are aiming for solutions/happiness, not just wanting to criticize others or complain, not trying to hold a victim mentality, etc.) I'd be glad to listen. I'll let you decide if you want my advice or just want to vent.
But please keep in mind: although I will put my heart into listening, I would like to keep our relationship professional, so please don't look to me as a replacement for a long-term friend or family! :)