About Me

Greetings, my name is Josh. The abundant supply of sadness and suffering in the world, and knowing most of it is unnecessary and preventable, has led me to create this website in hopes I can lend some advice to others seeking a better life from within. I have been a scholar of health and the human mind for over a decade. I have lots of experience counseling others, and every day continue my own self-counseling and improvement.

My desire and quest to help other people be happy started at a very early age. As a young pre-teen, I would often try to seriously help settle adult disputes, most notably between my own parents. I found, much to my chagrin, that adults, as a whole, were not the emotionally strong, mature, logical and wise people that most kids are taught they are. I vowed then to make a conscious effort to learn all about myself, including how I think and why I think that way, and grow to be the best person I could be; one that is dependable enough to turn to, and most importantly, one that can help others be happy.

Through my later teenage years I learned another important yet harsh lesson: no matter how much one desires to help another, unless that other person wants the help and is also willing to do what they need to help themselves, there is little if anything one can do. Hence the old adage: you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

This was a very hard pill for my younger self to swallow, and thus I went through a bit of a rough time until I learned a third important life lesson: the more happy and mentally healthy one is, the more likely they will be a good influence on others. This can be broken down into two main points: people learn better through actions rather than words, and one's emotions transfer to others around them; thus an unhappy/stressed/depressed person will transfer those negative vibes to others no matter how well they try to act and talk on the outside.

Therefore, my main goal since then has been focusing on my own health and happiness, so that I can better achieve my overall goal of improving others' health and happiness. Although self-improvement is a never-ending process, I feel comfortable in saying that I can walk the walk in addition to talking the talk. I not only know what to do, but can demonstrate by example. Hence why I started this website.

My biggest resource in my education has definitely been life experience. I have what seems an uncommon talent in not only learning from my own experiences, but also the experiences of others, which when added up makes me very old indeed. I have supplemented this experience with decades of research; the internet works as the biggest library in the world... for those who know how to look. From standard psychological minds like Freud and Jung, to anthropology, to wisdom and pacifism from those like Buddha and Gandhi, to geopolitics, to extra-sensory perception, very few subjects have escaped my grasp. Every year I use all my new information to weed out biases and figure out how all the wisdom and knowledge can effectively work together.

A fellow like-minded researcher I've known my whole life has always been a great source of information and a great asset in exposing my own misinformation, biases and faults. In addition, I lived with a professional counselor/psychologist for nearly a decade while paying close attention, including helping her with her studies.

Amongst my many jobs, I have been a tutor and a teacher. In addition I've always tried to be a resource and source of comfort for those I care about during their own quests in self-improvement and self-happiness.