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Welcome! I offer free online skills/services such as counseling, health/life coaching and more to those who can't afford it, or simply haven't found success elsewhere. (I can almost guarantee my straightforward approach is different!) My goal is to be a resource to help people who want to help themselves on the simple-yet-arduous path towards health and/or happiness. So many people could break free from their depression if they only had some direction and/or support, and that's what I'm offering to provide.
To clarify, I'd like to help only those who are truly ready to do what it takes to feel better. Simply put, one cannot help another if the other isn't even ready to help themself. It'd be like talking to a wall, as the saying goes.

The first step in healing any issue within the human mind is for one to admit that there even IS an issue. And we ALL have issues we'd be wise to work on to some degree... it's part of living!
The second step is being ready to work on that issue(s) in order to progress towards happiness. The third step is actually doing that work.

The first two steps MUST be done on one's own! Another can give advice or support, but the actual steps must be done by the individual. My only generic advice for now regarding the first two steps is my basic philosophy: the most important thing in life (in my opinion) is the neverending journey to constantly work on being the best and happiest person one can be. It is a path that EVERYONE could benefit from travelling. You are not alone. Humans are falliable creatures; if we were born perfect, we likely wouldn't appreciate the good times!

The third step is where others can help, and is where I offer my main help. Although the first two steps may be the hardest for many, it can still be really difficult to know where to begin with the third step. "Okay I want to work on being happy/healthy/better, but HOW do I actually do that?" If this is more or less where your mind is at, and you'd like some advice, feel free to talk with me or first see what help I offer.